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Social Media and SLP

23 Mar

It’s already known that we’re in the age of technology and that it has a great role in our society. Instead of steering clear from it, as future Speech-Language Pathologists, we should embrace it. I’ve already Pintrest before… and you should indeed join that website as well! There are so many SLPs and students studying to be one on that site. They pin great websites, activities, ideas, etc for our profession. To go along with this, I’ve compiled a list (not super exhaustive) of groups on Facebook and trends/ people on twitter to check out. These are just places to start, as there are many others, and they will give you an extra resource and network for your career.


– Future SLPs (Speech – Language Pathologists)

-IMAGAS ( Insight, Mentoring, And Guidance for Aspiring SLPs)

-National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

– The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

– the group for your state, like Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association












15 Feb

If you haven’t heard of this wonderful and creativity-inducing website yet, you should probably get on it! Pintrest is such a great website full ideas, websites and blogs ranging from food to travel to education to weddings… basically you name it, someone has made a “pin” on something related to it! And as an (emerging) SLP, this is an excellent thing to have in your arsenal… but I’ll get to that in a second.

The gist of Pintrest is that it’s a new way to store your “favorites”. But visually. Instead of placing a website into your favorites folder or bookmarking it, you “pin it” to one of your pinboards. You can have pinboards for anything. Like quotes? Have a quote board. Planning a wedding? Have a wedding board. Are you a pastry chef looking for inspiration? Have a board for new pastry ideas. Like I said, you name it, you can pin it. Besides being able to store your findings visually, with a caption, there’s another great thing. You can search for what you want and it’ll load all the pins related to your search. You’ll be surprised at what a variety there is in just your search sometimes! You might search “apple pie”, and get results for normal apple pie, caramel apple pie and crustless apple pie. Crazyyy. Another great thing is that you can FOLLOW others or SPECIFIC pinboards people have. This way you can see when they post something new in general or on that board to find new ideas and add it to yours!

So, what does this have to do with Speech Pathology? Welllll… similar to the boom of SLP bloggers, there’s a burst of SLPs and other therapists, educators, etc on Pintrest as well! Even ASHA and PediaStaff have their own Pintrest.  There’s plenty of information on here for professionals and (under)grad students alike! Many have pinboards for therapy ideas, other blogs, tips and tricks, disorders, organization ideas, disorder information, etc. So, if you want to find a new therapy tactic for, say, phonological disorders, just search it and you should find something! It’s a great way to connect with others as well, as professionals, organizations and businesses are on Pintrest. So I suggest you get on that!

What’s Up Wednesday: App Review- “4 Pics 1 Word”

6 Feb

Screen Shot of App

Lately I’ve been trying out random apps on my phone and tablet to find some ways to entertain myself. Most of them end up getting scrapped, but my latest find seems to be sticking around! It’s called “4 Pics 1 Word.” As you may guess, the task is to look at 4 pictures and infer a word that they all have in common. There are some letters given, and boxes with the amount of spaces for letters in the word.

Now, how can this help clients, children or adults, with speech disorders? I think it’s very beneficial for receptive language, as you must take in the given visual images and conclude what they all have in common . This also helps enforce that some words/morphemes have multiple semantic varieties. One example is given with the pictures: present with a bow, a person leaning forward, a bow and arrow, and a ship. All four of these illustrate four different meanings that the word “bow”, as in: (1)the bow on a gift, (2) the verb “to bow”, (3) bow (and arrow) and (4) the bow of a ship. These also can be used for teaching morphophonological variation, phonemes and help with phonological disorders since there are two separate ways to say the word “bow” in the above examples. You could ask the client if any of them are said differently and, if so, how to say all the different possibilities. (Along with asking how each one is different, despite having the same word). In this example the possibilities would be [bau]  (2&4),  and [bou] (1&3).  As a side note, not all of these are concrete definitive words, instead some are concepts like “heavy” and “new.”

Best of all, it’s free! I’m sure there’s plenty of other apps that can help with these, but I thought I’d share this random find of mine. Please feel free to suggest anything you have found as well. I’d love to hear them!

*pic found at this link.

Free Funky February SLP Materials!

3 Feb

Hey! Sooo, I’ve had the creative bug hit me lately, and that led me to attempting to make some therapy materials. Although there are two big holidays in February (Groundhogs Day and Valentines Day), I wanted to do a lesser-known and kind of fun holiday! I searched for weird February holidays and….. I found Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day! Sounds like an interesting and fun holiday, right? It’s celebrated on February 11th, so it can be a fun Monday activity. 🙂


Now, I’ve never made these before and I’m not sure what program SLPs use to create their materials, but I think these turned out decent. Some parts (aka my drawings) may be juvenile-ish, but it’s hard to draw on Paint! Luckily, they are FREE! Hopefully you guys like them AND iif you have any hints or tips, PLEASE let me know!


It’s mostly based off of building expressive  and receptive language with some activities and even a fun game! There’s some some other things tested like fine motor skills, memory and comprehension.


PLEASE comment, like, do the poll and/or   reblog/subscribe if you use it so I know people saw this and like it!  Thanks soooooo much!Here’s both materials:

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Materials             Milk and Cookies Gameboard

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