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3 Mar

I’ve been seeing some new followers finding their way to this blog, which is great! I love gaining followers and sharing my journey with them. I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that my blog has moved and  is now at . I also have Twitter and Facebook to help keep everyone updated as well. 🙂 

My latest post “When The Travel bug Bites: Speech-Language Pathology Travel Opportunities” is up!  So please check out all my new posts at this new site! Here are other ways to follow my new blog/location:

New place:



Twitter: LookWhoSLP

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31 Aug

Hello everyone! Hope your summer has been grand and that you’re getting back into the swing of things. My ‘new’ blog Look Who’s Talking is going great and getting many viewers!  I just wanted to remind you all that I am now over there, and even have a new post today, so you should check it out. Here are the new ways you can follow my blog :

New place:



Twitter: LookWhoSLP

Google+: Click Here

Bloglovin’: Follow Me Here!

Moving On Over!

3 Aug

So, it’s official… I’m now moving over to my new place “Look Who’s Talking” at . I won’t be posting here anymore, and I hope you come and join me at Look Who’s Talking! Please remember to follow me at the new link, for now there’s just Google + on it to follow, but you can also add it to your Bloglovin’ list as well. The blog is also on Facebook you can like it here: … Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll have it lookin’ all pretty with all the gadgets and such to follow me in other ways! (I’ll be making a post with all the different social media platforms I’m on to make it easy. 🙂 ) Luckily, I was able to move every one of my posts over to the new blog, SOOO you won’t have to come back here to read them, unless you miss it 😉


Thank you all so much for reading my blog, and I hope you continue reading it with it’s new look over at !!


22 Jul

Hello all,


I’ve been thinking about revamping my blog for the past month or so, and now that I’ve caught the creative bug, I’m finally acting on it! As you can see above, my blog will now have a new name, logo, layout and even location… It looks as though a multitude of SLP bloggers use Blogger, and after looking over the pros vs cons, I believe it’s the best place for my blog as well. So hopefully there’s some room over there for silly little me, too!


As of right now, I’m still in the process of switching over and finding that perfect design. (I’m so darn picky!) But I’m starting to narrow my ideas down. Once I’m fully moved over there I’ll let you know and give you all the deets so you don’t miss any posts! I’ll also publish a post on all my social media platforms to stay connected as well.


Sorry for this change, and any inconveniences it may cause, but hopefully you’ll enjoy my “new” blog!


Have a great day and stay safe in this heat!

Bloglovin’ Bandwagon

6 Jul

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ve caved in and joined Bloglovin’! I’m so glad I did, it has such a clean,organized interface and makes it easy to find/follow blogs! In fact, it might be too easy, as I think I went slightly overboard following almost every speech-language pathology site available (as well as other sites related to SLP or not). I just love the categories!

As of right now, I’m currently in the process of getting those nifty social media buttons to make it easier to follow my blog. It’s just a matter of finding ones I like that have all the media buttons I need, and I’ll put them up!

Pros vs Cons of Being a Teacher’s Assistant

27 Jun

This semester hasn’t even placed it’s big toe in the water yet, and I’m already pretty packed with activities and responsibilities to fulfill. That doesn’t mean I’m being a negative Nancy about it. Quite the opposite! I’m extremeeeely excited about all of these opportunities I’ve managed to gather. Not only will they be excellent for resumes, but I’ll actually learn and grow from them as well. Can you tell that I’m a die-hard optimist? Don’t worry, I am some-what of a realist as well, and I realize it’s going to take some of my fancy matador work to skirt around the bull and take all of this by the horns, but you’re darn tootin’ I will. I’ve always had a strong work ethic and decent time management, so this may just help me find any kinks within my way of working. Which is good!

Now, with that slight tangent-filled ramble aside, I’ll get onto what some of this had led to… Some thoughts on my TA position. (To go along with said earlier tangent, it’s all about time management, and some people despise all the grading and such… but I want to learn and become a better teacher/planner… it’s part of SLP)


-Extra review of material, become well-versed: I don’t know about you, but I prefer knowing my material inside-out. It’s better knowing more about less than less about more.

-Interact with others: If you want to enter this profession, and numerous other paths, it’s best to have people skills.

-Helping others learn: This may not be a perk to all, but for most entering Speech-Language Pathology there is an intrinsic desire to help others! So I’ll feel complete at the end of the day.

-Building relationships with students and professionals: A professional and personal network are two good groups to have in life. Not only will they let you feel good/accomplished, but these groups, especially the professional one, will provide you with support throughout your career and life. Luckily, SLP has a GREAT online network!

-Time management: Assisting the teacher, aiding students, grading papers, and all of that on top of responsibilities for work and other classes will make you create a way to manage time if you don’t already have one!

-Leadership: Leading classes and discussing things with fellow students learning the material will boost up your leadership cred, which is (hopefully) considered better than street cred where you come from.


-Grading many things: Grading tends to be delegated to student assistants for a reason. Especially for those ENORMOUS classes. At least you get to see some amusing student responses! And relearn the material… 20-150 times over.

-Occasional unnecessary emails from students about things already explained: Some students just don’t like to take the extra 5 seconds to read the syllabus or are busy looking at their phones instead of writing down the assignment. Luckily for them, we have access to e-mail. It’ll help you learn patience, at least!

-Last minute e-mails from students: Similar to the bullet above, some students thrive on procrastination. I understand, I occasionally partake in this extreme activity. What comes with this adrenaline-gushing experience is the ability to forget what all must be included or if there can be an extension, in which case, many e-mails are sent the night before or even day of! (Luckily, I’ve never had it that bad. Thank goodness! Or else I’d be kicking myself in the tush!)

Quick Thanks!

24 Jun

Wow, yesterday the SLPeech Bubble had 29 visitors! On top of that, the twitter account @SLPeechBubble gained a handful of followers as well! This is just superb. I just wanted to say thank you all very much and I hope you enjoyed reading some of my posts and will come back for more! Feel free to comment, like or share my posts, I enjoy receiving feedback whether it’s constructive, enlightening, agreement or sharing/liking posts.

Have a great day, and keep a look out for posts to come. 🙂


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